Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tell me something... **TOP 5 MAKEUP PRODUCTS**


These are my top 5 products makeup products that I would want/ need if I was ever on a dessert island or even alone in a winters snowy cabin on top of the hill with a guy, lets say Channing Tatum ( <-- insert your guy/girl name here). Now this is stuck. You have no phones, no internet, no radio and no TV. Your plane has crashed into a tropical island and your the only two who survived. Or you have been snowed in like on "Look whose talking 2" but without one of you being married at the time (This is fantasy and in this fantasy Channing Tatum aint married) Now what makeup would you want to have handy and why?

1) Mascara - Why? Because Long, thick, dark lashes make me feel like a woman. The long, darker and thicker the better!

2) Foundation - Especially something that isn't to thick, but you also don't want it to be to thin either. It'll have to give you a good coverage.  I LOVE Loreals True Match series, Honestly one of my favourite foundations ever! Its not to costly, its not to thick, it gives me a great med - full coverage.  And the colours are amazing, because they really do match your skin perfectly.

3) Moisturizer - In either of those situation your gunna have dry skin. Either the sun and the heat on the deserted island or the fire, heater and air con in the cabin. So you will need to keep from drying out with some moisturizer.

4) Lipstick - 'Whaaaa?! Why?! That stuff is for old ladys?' Because lipstick has many uses other then just for your lips. 'You dont say?' The great thing about lipstick is you can use it everywhere. If I had one lipstick it would probably slightly darker then my natural lip colour. I would be able to use it on my lips, my cheeks as a blush, even on my eyelids as a shadow.

5) Suntan lotion - Well im at 5 now and I have realised I don't even  need it. But hey I said 5, so here is the 5th make up product I cant live without. Suntan lotion. Its the white stuff you should be using EVERYDAY so you dont ruin your skin and get premature wrinkles. However some moisturizer and foundations already have these built it which is great and it save room in your bag.

Of course there would be so many other things wanted/ needed first like water, food, radio, working toilet! But a girl should look good in every situation. Right? Now I will probably go into more detail later on and about specific products that I love, how to use them, what's the difference between this and that, what would suit YOU and so much more. So sit back, subscribe and have an opened mind about things.

Now its your turn to let me know your top 5 make up products that you couldn't live without?


Monday, June 10, 2013

Where in the world . . . ?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
Never did find that slippery red head. Waldo on the other hand. . . Piece Of Cake!

Where in the world do all you bloggers and watchers hail from?


Friday Night Lights. . .

Outfit of the week. 

The outfit of the week is a sparkly number that I just love. It reminds me of a ball/ prom dress from the 80s that has been kicked up a notch.

Created in a beautiful Navy sequin material with a black meshy tulle underlay. Which really gives it a nice full puffy look. All tied together with a simple black sateen ribbon at the waist.

I teamed my new favourite dress with simple plain black stockings, black heels, and my black pea-coat. As it was a freezing New Zealand's winter night. Jewellery was a pair of plain Cobalt blue cubic zirconia earrings and a glittery black bow tie necklace. But with this dress you really don't need any accessories. The dress itself does both jobs.

TIP: When wearing any sequinned outfit. Even if they are double layered. They can still itch like a b*t@h. So to stop this or at least minimizing the itching. Wear those spanks undys. The ones that go up to your boobs or as I did, wear a boob tube underneath it. If the only boob tubes you own are old grungy looking ones. They can still be useful. Just pull the boob tube to just underneath your boobs so your kinda wearing it like a tight high-waisted skirt. You are really just trying to cover the exposed skin. So you don't end up scratches and rashes everywhere.