Monday, June 10, 2013

Friday Night Lights. . .

Outfit of the week. 

The outfit of the week is a sparkly number that I just love. It reminds me of a ball/ prom dress from the 80s that has been kicked up a notch.

Created in a beautiful Navy sequin material with a black meshy tulle underlay. Which really gives it a nice full puffy look. All tied together with a simple black sateen ribbon at the waist.

I teamed my new favourite dress with simple plain black stockings, black heels, and my black pea-coat. As it was a freezing New Zealand's winter night. Jewellery was a pair of plain Cobalt blue cubic zirconia earrings and a glittery black bow tie necklace. But with this dress you really don't need any accessories. The dress itself does both jobs.

TIP: When wearing any sequinned outfit. Even if they are double layered. They can still itch like a b*t@h. So to stop this or at least minimizing the itching. Wear those spanks undys. The ones that go up to your boobs or as I did, wear a boob tube underneath it. If the only boob tubes you own are old grungy looking ones. They can still be useful. Just pull the boob tube to just underneath your boobs so your kinda wearing it like a tight high-waisted skirt. You are really just trying to cover the exposed skin. So you don't end up scratches and rashes everywhere.


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